February - NIC

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February - NIC



I am a queer barber and mural artist born and raised in New York City but recently moved to Richmond, Virginia with my wife. I work at Barber Of Hells Bottom on Main St. My demographic of clientele that sits with me are all types of folx because hair has no gender.

I strive to create a safe space in my chair for LGBTQIA and beyond, where you can completely be exactly who you are meant to be. When booking clients, I want to know your pronouns and what makes you YOU. Hair is a way for people to express themselves and I want folx leaving with the confidence they deserve.

My favorite moment ever was meeting a new client and realizing we were wearing the exact same Over The Rainbow Apparel shirt and we completely hit it off! This is a memorable moment Over The Rainbow created for me. That person is not only a client but a great friend and has spread the love in telling others that my chair is a safe space for them. Thank you to you humans. #teamOTR




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