About Us

Over The Rainbow Apparel is a Richmond, Virginia based company focused on finding a voice for the LGBTQIA+ community. Founded by Abel Killian & Alex Asero, two trans guys searching for a greater voice and an even bigger reason to celebrate Pride while promoting and fighting for complete equality.

What if we weren’t just limited to rocking a rainbow on our Pride merch? What if the LGBTQIA+ community could go beyond that? We found that the fight is usually forgotten and buried by almost everyone living in it and we asked ourselves, “What’s over the rainbow?” We found blood. We found sweat and tears that many of us have shed as individuals to become part of this loud and fearless army. We found soldiers. What if pride was not only about being proud, but what if it was about the rumble, the courage, and overcoming adversity? Our designs are intended to shed light on the struggle & the fight to be ourselves. We invite you to become part of the movement!

We burned the uniform and made our own, and now you can wear it with us!