Meet The Founders

Alex and Abel have been best friends for the over 10 years and both are in their 9th year of their medical transition from female to male. In the beginning, the two bonded over a mutual love of art and music. This began a series of deep-winded conversations behind constant questions and curiosity about the world that they would play a part in from then on out. The two of them have been each other’s support systems through the highs, lows, and in-betweens of the sometimes daunting journey of transitioning. They have shared the peaks and valleys, and with this they formed their friendship into what they call a "Significant Brotherhood".

Together, they decided to found Over The Rainbow Apparel as their way to show the world that not only them, but everyone that coexists on this planet can all be present for something greater. We share so many similarities with the strangers we stand beside and there’s nothing more important than staying visible to each other. Over The Rainbow Apparel is a way to give back to the community that gave them so much support without even realizing it.

We are all fighting for something, and more often than not we are fighting for the same things. Sometimes you just need your brother, sister, or just a person to have your back. They found that to be brave is more about sharing the truth within ourselves rather than trying to deny it, so that others who have a more difficult time doing so may find the courage to. They burned the uniform and made their own - and now you can wear it along with them and your brothers, sisters, people, and community.